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Photographs and videos are memory storehouses to look back on and relive on rainy days. Who wouldn’t want their memories to be cherished beautifully especially in a time where everything is for Instagram or Facebook. Led by Mr Manish Khandelwal, an experienced and learned photographer, that is what Black Purple Photography is here to do. With a team of superbly talented people who have mastered the various genres of photography, they aim to offer impeccable photography and cinematography services. They also have at their disposal a bevvy of lenses to ensure that each picture is done justice to. Their mastery does not just limit to wedding photography or videography; rather they are excellent in portraiture, still life, industrial photography etc. The photos that they take speak for themselves and tell their share of stories. They are super affordable and won’t make a cinch in your budget for your big days, leaving you happy and satisfied with excellent service and memories for a lifetime. They aim to have content and pleased customers and strive for it.


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